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Who We Are

We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service and are committed to providing just that. 


Rhino Reporting is a south Florida based company that combines business principles
with innovative litigation support and computer technology. With a dedicated team of qualified
employees, our company includes experts who have worked at our firm for more than a decade
and genuinely appreciate the nuances of the trade. We are dedicated to delivering precise
dictation for our clients, whether it is for a deposition, arbitration, trials, probate, or family


All of our services are offered remote as well. There are many benefits of remote
depositions, and their use has increased considerably. We can participate in meetings and
depositions remotely, permitting you additional time to spend on your case or with your client,
while saving them money.


Our obligation is to report the legal proceedings before us in an impartial and precise

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